Bethlehem Temple Church
of Battle Creek
Where everybody is somebody
Our History
Bethlehem Temple Pentecostal Church
Was founded in 1936, when the Lord placed in the heart of our founder the late Mother Altora Townsend, to come to Battle Creek. She was then serving under the late Bishop Samuel Hancock of Greater Bethlehem Temple of Detroit, Michigan. In 1936, she packed her meager belongings and set out on a mission for the Lord, spreading the gospel of Jesus.

In 1943, God made it possible for Mother Townsend to purchase a dwelling place right next door to her home for a place of worship. Many critics said it couldn't be done because the church, at that time, consisted of only women and children with little or no income. Nevertheless, with faith in God, she proceeded to purchase this property, which was then converted to a church.
In 1958, the City of Battle Creek purchased the old church in the flood project and the church was built on the present Goodale Avenue site. 

Pastor Townsend continued to labor in the vineyard for over 32 years and many souls were added to the flock. In 1968, at the age of 90, she turned the mantel over to a very faithful women of God. Sister Clara Mae Smith, who had labored along with her almost from the beginning of the church. Pastor Smith then carried on the church. Again, many souls were healed and saved through her ministry.

In 1986, Pastor Smith passed the mantel on to yet another faithful member, in the person of her brother, Elder Edward O. Marshall, who Pastored and labored tirelessly with God's People. We were blessed to have such a man of God as our shepherd for 20 years. The labor continued and God continued to bless this place. The mantel passed again, in December of 2006 to another great man of God, our current Pastor, Eld. Michael Eubanks. Pastor Eubanks served with Pastor Marshall for many years before becoming the Pastor of Bethlehem Temple of Battle Creek.
Through all these ministries, one thing remained the same, Bethlehem Temple is a church ordained by God as a Saving Station. It is a church where the truth is taught and souls are healed.
Bethlehem temple has been blessed in many ways over the years. Other churches have sprung up either directly or indirectly, because of our founder's labor, including Bethlehem Temple of Springfield, under the leadership of Pastor Ollie Mae Rudolph, who served for many years as Assistant Pastor of Bethlehem Temple of Battle Creek; Emmanuel Temple, under the guidance of Elder Hugh D. Smith, Jr.; and there have been others over the years who left to pastor or evangelize in many parts of the state and country.

Founded in 1936